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"I wish I found you sooner, my wedding is already over but I still want a painting!"

You are in the right place! One of the most common questions Bailey gets is if she can create a painting based off a photograph and the answer is YES!

As far as studio paintings go, Bailey is currently only accepting painting requests that fall into the category of weddings, family portraits, engagements, bridals, etc.

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Studio paintings are in high demand and Bailey is only able to take on a couple each month. Because of this, there is currently a waitlist to order a studio painting.

Each time there is a new opening for an order, an email is sent to the next person in line that gives them the opportunity to place an order if they would like.

If you were to join the waitlist now, you would expect to wait an estimated time of 2-4 months.

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Base price includes up to two people only. An up charge will apply if you want additional people, pets, vehicles or a very detailed/complicated background. 

All pricing includes priority shipment via USPS. Sales tax will apply for purchases in the state of Utah.

A signed contract and 25% deposit is required to book. Once started, the painting will have a processing time of 1-3 months.

11x14 // $550

12x16 // $625

16x20 // $700

18x18 // $700

20x20 // $750

18x24 // $850

24x24 // $950

22x28 // $1050

24x30 // $1150

24x36 // $1300

(for sizes 11x14 - 18x18)

Additional person // $150 each 

Small pet (dog/cat/etc) // $25 each

Large animal (horse) // $150 each

Vehicle // $150 each

(For sizes 20x20-24x36)

Additional person // $200 each

Small Pet (dog/cat/etc) // $50 each

Large animal (horse) // $200 each

Vehicle // $200 each

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