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"First class all the way"

"I had the pleasure of working with Bailey on a live wedding painting for my daughter and my now son-in-law and the experience from start to finish was WONDERFUL...

She commanded lots of attention and politely answered questions when asked by curious guests, but otherwise was a polished and quiet part of our celebration. Everything was seamlessly done-Bailey arranging her own travel, arriving on time to the venue and working independently without disturbing anyone.

I cannot recommend Bailey enough and am already thinking of future reasons to enlist her services. I love giving good business persons to support and she’s a true keeper.

If you are thinking of this type of special gift I would highly recommend considering Bailey. First class all the way."


"I couldn't of asked for a more unique and attentive vendor"

Bailey was amazing, absolutely amazing!!

I have always loved the idea of a live painter and getting a special painting at the end of the night. It’s such a sweet way to commemorate our wedding day, as well as entertaining for our guests (and us too!) I loved walking by it throughout the night and seeing it evolve and become a gorgeous piece of artwork. I cannot wait to hang it and display it in our home.

As far as Bailey ON our wedding day, she was so sweet and kind. She answered questions from guests in a polite way while still working on her painting. She was at our wedding until 10:30pm (can we talk about dedication?!!) and stuck around to wait for my mom to grab the painting from her.
Her communication throughout the booking process and through the wedding day was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a more unique and attentive vendor.

Thank you Bailey!! 


"She is unbelievably talented"

Best decision we made for our wedding was hiring Bailey!!! She is unbelievably talented and all of our guests LOVED watching her progress throughout the wedding. She is also so sweet and super responsive!!!

" I can't recommend her enough"

I LOVE when Bailey is working at the same wedding as me! As a photographer, I can take images of the day as they happen, but Bailey’s art can take those moments farther (like placing you exactly where you would want to be in a landscape without something like a parking lot distracting you from the scene).
What an incredible piece of art to have in your home for many years to come, and it is such a fun extra “experience” for guests to be able to watch her paint during the day.
I can’t recommend her enough!


"We can't say enough good things about her!"

Holy wow! Bailey is an incredible artist and an even better human. We are so lucky that she was able to paint at our wedding and amaze all of our guests with her talents! She was my wedding gift to my new husband and he was absolutely shocked with her talents. She even included our doggies in our painting and a nod to my father who has passed away. We seriously can’t say enough good things about her!

"We will cherish our painting for the rest of our lives" 

Hiring Bailey was the BEST thing we ever did for our wedding! Not only is she incredibly talented and paints beautifully, she is so professional and easy to work with! We had great communication with her prior to the wedding and let her know exactly what kind of pose we wanted but let her paint the background however she thought best and she followed through wonderfully! She painted multiple aspects of the venue into the background so that nothing was left out! She also let us have as many hidden objects as we wanted. We asked for flags representing our culture, evil eyes and even Arabic lettering. She did it all with ease! Our guests kept coming up to us to tell us how cool and unique it was so have a live painter there, it was a big hit! We will cherish our painting for the rest of our lives 

"...was hands down one of my favorite additions to our wedding"

Bailey traveled all the way to mount Vernon, WA to paint our wedding in November 2022. She was amazing to work with, communication was easy, she captured EXACTLY what I asked for, and included our 2 kids in our painting, and was hands down one of my favorite additions to our wedding. We have all of our friends that ask to see our painting every time they come to our house and still rave about how cool it was to see her paint live. 10/10 recommend, you will not regret it :)

"I am blown away by her talent..."

Bailey was amazing to work with! She did a studio painting for me for my first anniversary gift to my husband and she exceeded my expectations. She was great with her communication throughout the process, and she really made our photo come to life in this painting! I was able to get my little pug added in which really completed this painting. I am blown away by her talent and it is something I can look at and cherish forever to remember that moment. I highly recommend working with her!!

"You will not regret going with Bailey"

Bailey is an incredibly talented artist and very detailed person. She has really figured out how to customize her live painting into just about any wedding schedule or venue. If time is limited she will arrive with the background already started to be able to finish the night of the celebration. She has painted indoors and outdoors, and is very professional and customer oriented. She understands that the experience is as much of the painting as the final product and she makes sure that the couple's expectations are exceeded.


She also understands that she is not the only vendor that your are dealing with and she is very organized and detailed so that she gets the information she needs from you and doesn't need to keep asking questions with everything else that is going on. You will be impressed with her professionalism and you will be able to tell that she has done this many times before. I was amazed to see the many examples that she has of other weddings and that she mainly travels outside of her home state, all over the US, to paint live wedding events.


I was also impressed to find out that she can also recreate the any wedding photo or family photo (and customize it) by sending her a picture (or pictures). It is such a great part of the entertainment to watch the progression of the painting throughout the day and then to see the final product given to the couple at the end of the night! You will not regret going with Bailey!

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